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NARI Center facilities

NCSD building has a covered area of about 900 m2 and houses a conference room, guest  and faculty accommodation, dining room, modern kitchen and office space.

Conference room

The conference room contains audio-visual equipment for presentations and seating capacity for more than 100 people.


Each guest room is a self-contained unit for two persons with attached bathroom and has furniture consisting of wardrobe, desk and chairs. There are two seperate suites for faculty on the second floor.

Dining/Kitchen facilities

The kitchen is capable of providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments at scheduled times. The dinning room can seat about 50 people at a time and has enough space to provide buffet for about 60-70 people. The kitchen has all the modern facility of LPG gas, refrigerator and other accessories.

Features of the Building

The building has been designed by two US architecture interns, Megan Cook and Ross Karsen. They spent 1.5 months at NARI designing the building and making a model for it.

The center has features to minimize its environmental running costs. Thus very innovative features like rainwater harvesting, use of 0.75 kW PV powered solar system to pump the water from the rainwater harvesting tank to overhead 5000 liters tank; use of 1750 liters solar water heating system for the guest accommodation (back-up is provided by a wood fired boiler), evaporative roof cooling for summer months (powered by solar pump) and natural lighting and ventilation have been incorporated in the building. A covered veranda together with an open courtyard of 350 m2 area gives a pleasant ambiance to the center.

All the kitchen waste goes to the composting pit which together with agricultural residues provides fertilizer to the NARI farms. The waste water from the facility after passing through the septic tank goes into nearby fields for irrigation. Thus most of things are recycled.

The whole building is user friendly for physically challenged persons.

NARI facilities

On the main campus, in addition to the NARI Center, there is a chemistry laboratory, clean room, seed bank, sophisticated instrumentation lab, an engineering workshop, a small library, a seminar room and a number of offices. There are 50 acres of NARI research farm surrounding the main campus.

Solar panels for pumping water

Solar panels for water heater

Kitchen and dining room


attached bathroom

Main seminar hall

NARI Center

More center photos are at this site