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A story on our work on sweet sorghum was published in Better India (January 2015).

Sweet Sorghum

sweet sorghum field on NARI's grounds

A sweet sorghum field at NARI

To resolve the food vs fuel debate there is a need to develop a multi-purpose crop. Thus from the same piece of land food, fuel and fodder needs to be produced. Sweet sorghum (S.S.) is one such crop on which scientists at NARI have been working on for almost 40 years. Technology for the production of ethanol from sweet sorghum has been developed. A number of high ethanol yielding varieties have been produced. A pilot plant capable of producing 50 lpd of 95% v/v ethanol using only solar energy for distillation was set up at NARI.

NARI’s contribution:

sweet sorghum flow diagram

sweet sorghum flow diagram

– Development of technology to produce jaggery (unrefined sugar) and syrup from sweet sorghum
– Development of high yielding varieties and hybrids of sweet sorghum
– Pioneer in India and world. NARI’s S.S. hybrid ‘Madhura’ has been successfully tried in Italy, Zimbabwe, Portugal, Mexico, Pakistan, Thailand, etc.
– On one hectare of land ‘MADHURA’ hybrid can produce 2-4 tons of food grain and 2000-3000 litres of ethanol or 2-3 tons of syrup per year. Bagasse and leaves are also an excellent fodder for animals.
– Development of complete technology for syrup production. The syrup has been sold all over India.
Seed of MADHURA is available.

Recently (2015) a high yielding variety Madhura-2 has been released. This is suitable to be grown both for Rabi (post monsoon) and Kharif (monsoon) conditions.

Syrup can be used as:
Table syrup.
Additive in milk; accompaniment to pancakes and bread.
In salad dressing and icecream topping.
Sweetner in cakes and biscuit baking.
Syrupy base in pharmaceutical formulations.

Madhura Sweet Sorghum Syrup

Madhura Sweet Sorghum Syrup

MADHURA sweet sorghum syrup has received extremely enthusiastic response from the users. There have been many claims including : cure for asthma; help in reducing arthritis pain; is a substitute for honey etc. NARI has pioneered the development and production of syrup in India.


Features of syrup:

Excellent natural source of calcium
Excellent nutritional and medicinal properties
Honey like taste. Rich in vitamin C, proteins and Nicotinic acid.
Rich in glucose and fructose

Sweet Sorghum R&D

High yielding sweet sorghum variety Madhura-2.


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