Presentations and Talks by NARI staff

Important talks by NARI staff

– How to become good engineers. A prep talk given to 100+ budding engineers  in College of Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA. July 2015.

– Romance of Innovation—R&D for forgotten Indians. An Institute lecture organized by Alumni Contact Program at IIT Kanpur. 26 September 2015.

– Dr. Anil K. Rajvanshi delivered the Technology Day lecture at Emerson Innovation Center Pune. Innovations for forgotten Indians; How corporate world can improve their lives.  Pune. 15 September 2015.

– Be Sustainable; Be Happy. An invited lecture given at Lucknow Management Association, Lucknow. September 2015.

– Dr. Anil K Rajvanshi was the chief guest at Mechanical Engineering Symposium at IIT Bombay held on 21 March 2015. He gave the keynote address entitled “Romance of Innovation – R&D for forgotten Indians”.

–  Dr. Anil K Rajvanshi delivered the Second Gemini Ganesan Memorial lecture at Madras Christian College, Chennai. 3rd March 2015.

– Dr. Anil K Rajvanshi gave a commencement speech on 3 May 2014 after receiving the Distinguished Alumnus Award from University of Florida. The details of the award are here.

– Dr. Anil K Rajvanshi, the Director gave an invited talk at Stanford University – Reliance Workshop on ” The Search for Game Changing Energy Technologies for Developing World”, held in Mumbai on 15-16 May, 2013. The video of talk is here.

– Dr. Anil K Rajvanshi gave an inspirational talk entitled “Have Junoon – Be Happy” to students and faculty of IIT Bombay on 4th September 2013. The talk organized by GRA, Student Gymkhana took place in Hall I lecture complex.

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