Water Production and Purification

Water treatment publications

A short history of water related research at NARI is given here.

Water Production and Purification

Solar Desalinator - small scale

Small Scale Water Desalinator

NARI’s work on water production and purification has been characterised by very novel ideas and schemes.

During his time at the University of Florida (1975-81) Dr. Anil K. Rajvanshi (director) conducted research on the effect of dyes on solar distillation and developed the technology for large scale  desalination of sea water through the use of solar energy. A paper has been written outlining how this may be implemented on a large scale.

A conceptual idea has also been developed to produce fresh water through large scale dew condensation.

A novel technology to increase survival of tree seedlings in arid regions has been developed. Solar energy is used to collect water from soil, which is then fed to the seedlings. Data for the last 5 years has shown 100% seedling survival. A paper presented on it at Solar Energy Conference is hereNARI is on the lookout for interested agencies/NGOs who can take this up on a large scale.

Recently a very novel technology of sterilizing water by first passing it through 4 layers of cotton sari filter and then heating it to 55-60 degrees Celsius has been developed. A detailed story on it came in news media and the paper is at this site.

tubular solar boiler 001This work has been extended so that the necessary heating can be done by solar energy. Thus a novel and low cost solar water purifier has been developed.

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