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Tambmal, Phaltan-Lonand Road,
P.O. Box 44, Phaltan-415523,

Working hours: 9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Saturday)


The preferred mode of contact is email. Please contact the following people on their mobile phones for specific inquiries and please follow it up with the email.

Main office

  1. Mr. S.S. Aherrao +91 91-6893-7964


  1. Dr. V.Singh +91 93-2590-5606 / 95-5280-3405

Sweet sorghum

  1. Please contact main office number or send email.

Farm related work

  1. Mr. S.V.Choudhari +91 86-0008-2006

Animal Husbandry Division

  1. Office numbers: (+91)-2166-262106/200783/200665 (landlines)
  2. Dr. Chanda Nimbkar: +91-99-60-940-805
  3. Dr. Pradip Ghalsasi:    +91-98-22-076-691
  4. Bharati Pawar:  +91-98-90-220-315

Getting here

Phaltan, a taluka town, is 100 km south-east of Pune and 300 km from Mumbai. It can be reached by road from Mumbai in about 6 hours and from Pune in about 2.5 hours. There are many buses from Mumbai and Pune for Phaltan.

NARI’s campus is 4 km outside the town on the main Phaltan/Lonand road. Another landmark is that it is 5 km down the road from Cummins Megasite.

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