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NCSD will host regular conferences and teaching events. See the list of upcoming events for the latest details. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Proposed discussion topics

The center will be involved in teaching and inspiring discussion about the issues of sustainable development, particularly in rural India. Experts from all around the world will be invited to impart their knowledge. Tours of the surrounding rural areas will be arranged and 'brain storming' sessions will be held so that participants can try their own hand at finding solutions. It is hoped that fresh ideas will be found. Participants can expect to leave with a much greater knowledge of the problems of rural India and have a better understanding of how to create a business or development plan that includes the interests of the poorest people.

Proposed topics may include:

    • What technologies are needed to provide a good quality of life in rural areas?

    • How much energy for transport, lighting and cooking can come from arable land without having a negative impact on the availability of food?

    • How can the resources be managed so that they are used sustainably and at the same time provide better access to the resources for the poorest people?

  • What are the minimum resources required to live a decent lifestyle?

The center is interested in the empowerment of women and will hold courses for this purpose. The center will also be used to propagate NARI's philosophy and we will discuss ways of attaining a simple yet rewarding lifestyle.

Like-minded organizations are welcome to hire the facilities to hold similar events

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