Agricultural Research

The focus of agricultural research at NARI has been on drought-tolerant crops. Research is therefore being conducted on safflower and sweet sorghum using whole plant approach. Thus the strategy is to use all the parts of the crop for human utilization to mitigate food vs. fuel issues. In both these crops NARI is an All India Coordinated research center under the aegis of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Government of India.

Safflower seed and petals
NARI has developed various safflower varieties and hybrids bred to give high oil and petal yields.

Sweet sorghum R&D
A variety of sweet sorghum has been developed by NARI. This is a multi-purpose crop which can be used for both food and fuel.

Fodder R&D
Looking at the importance of small ruminants in rural economy, NARI has been working on fodder research for quite sometime. The main components of research are:

  1. R&D in fodder crops like trees and grasses
  2. R&D in opuntia

Agrochemical testing
Agrochemical testing for various companies and research laboratories in India is carried out at NARI.

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