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Renewable energy (RE) is one of the main areas of NARI’s research. The focus has been on the use of best tools of science and technology to solve the energy problems of rural areas. Consequently innovative R&D has been done in the areas of household energy, power generation, mobility issues, creation of renewable fuels, household water treatment among others.

Dr. Anil K Rajvanshi under whom the renewable energy work has been carried out has recently written a human interest history of RE at NARI entitled “Romance of Innovation”. The book was recently released in Pune.

A short 4 minutes video on NARI’s renewable energy work has been made recently. It is available here.

Individual short historical notes have been written on the technological developments. They are given below.

The individual projects are detailed below.

Household Energy……..Power Generation

Fuel Production………..Water Treatment

Mobility………………….Weather Station

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